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I’m sure you all agree that eyebrows are a huge facial feature. Not only do they define your face, they help detract from dark circles and any other imperfections on your face.

Over the years eyebrow fashion has changed dramatically, from the 1980’s where ‘the bushier the better’ to the 1990’s where all eyebrows had to be (somewhat) over plucked. So how do you get the perfect brow?

A good way to start is marking where you want your brow to begin and end. As a guide line we recommend using a orange wood stick and aligning it with your inner eye (where your brow begins). Anything on the opposite side can either be waxed or plucked away.

To line up where your brow arch should be, tilt the orange wood stick, keeping the point at the corner of your nose and just past your pupil. Everyone’s brow arches are different, some will have naturally arched eyebrows whereas others have a more straight brow line. If however you have a rounder face you may want the arch to be higher which gives the illusion of the face appearing longer.

Finally line up the orange wood stick from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye, giving you the tail end of your brow.

When removing the hairs, do so one at a time and after every few hairs take a step back and look in the mirror to make sure you are getting the desired look. Using a magnification mirror will help you spot any inconsistencies between your two eyebrows. Try not to shape the arch of your eyebrow as a sharp angle but instead opting for a more natural smoothly curved brow. Remember you want the thickest part of your brow to be in the middle of your face and then gradually taper down to your tail end.

So there you have it, a guide to the perfect brow shape.

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